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Wild Game Variety Bundle
Wild Game Variety Bundle
Wild Game Variety Bundle
Wild Game Variety Bundle
Wild Game Variety Bundle
Wild Game Variety Bundle
Wild Game Variety Bundle

Wild Game Variety Bundle

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If you are like us, you are constantly in search of the perfect blend and flavoring for your wild game. A blend that is worthy of the meat that you put your heart and soul into tracking, killing, and preparing for the dinner table. The Wild Game Variety is our three favorite and go-to seasonings for when the seasonings needs to match the quality of the hunt. 

Western Winged Rub

This distinctive, Hispanic-inspired blend Is crafted in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. It is the perfect blend for elevating your game birds to new heights. Whether you’re grilling, roasting, or smoking this blend will add a touch of savory depth and flavor to your finished dishes. ⁠

Texas Style Dry Rub

We designed the Texas Dry Rub to embody the flavorful Texas style you will find being used by by the iconic BBQ masters in the Lone Star State. We originally crafted and blended this rub with The Kairos Texas Brisket in mind. Since then, our customers have used it on everything from Bison back straps to Rattle Snake and frequently summer veggies. At the center of our blend is the mighty Tellicherry pepper, sourced directly from farmers in India in small, perfectly ripe batches. This pepper packs a punch of heat and bold, complex flavor that surpasses even ground black pepper. It's the perfect finishing touch for a hearty, adventurous meal. It fills your nostrils the way a full bodied Cabernet does'.

Black Sea Salt & Coffee

Elevate your culinary adventures to new heights with our Sea Salt and Coffee blend! We've combined two of our favorite ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind seasoning experience.

Our Black Hawaiian Sea Salt is a true gem, harvested from the pure waters of the islands and infused with minerals and activated charcoal for added depth and flavor. And our coffee is no ordinary brew - it's sourced from a local roaster who has spent years searching for the perfect beans, resulting in an exquisite, full-bodied flavor.

Experience the bold and complex flavors of our Sea Salt and Coffee blend on your next grilled steak, roasted vegetables, or favorite recipe. Get ready to embark on a taste journey like no other!

All Natural Ingredients Sourced from Around the Globe. Blended In the USA.


Our Process


The formula has undergone rigorous testing and refining to ensure a distinctive and tailored experience. The art lies in selecting and combining the perfect ingredients to achieve a harmonious blend of flavor, texture, and aroma.


We appreciate the dedication and effort you've invested in creating your meal. Our quest for exceptional, world-class ingredients mirrors your enthusiasm. We have searched the globe for only the finest ingredients to craft our blends.


We spent countless hours in the kitchen, experimenting with different ratios and combinations of spices. Each batch was meticulously tested and refined until we achieved the perfect balance of flavors.

Our Promise

No Fillers or Chemicals

To craft the ultimate flavor for your outdoor creation, we insist on pure, transparent, quality ingredients. No unnecessary additives or lab-formulated flavors in our seasonings.

Locally Curated & Crafted

We carefully curate our spices directly from quality spice traders all around the globe. Here in the USA, we craft, blend, taste, and quality inspect every jar.

Small Batch & Guaranteed

At Kairos, we take immense pride in our products, which is why we proudly offer a 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked, if you don't like your seasonings, get your money back.


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We put a great deal of care and thought in to our blends, so it is highly unlikely this will happen. But, if it does, we offer a 100% money back guarantee for 90 days after your purchase. No questions asked, if you don't like your product for any reason, just reach out to us and we will provide you with a full refund.

We strive to get you your order as quickly as possible and typically ship orders out within 1-2 business days of ordering. From there our standard shipping typically take 3-5 business days. Expedited shipping is always available, and if you have any questions about shipping, please feel free to email us at

The concept of brand was born out of the concept to drive away from producing a product that was production and cost driven. We took the alternative approach for additives for the sake of cost savings and volume production. All our ingredients consist of spices you can spell and find at your local farmers market.

The name Kairos was inspired by the origin story of the brand, and the time, care, and thought we put in to creating the perfect products to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Learn more about our story here.

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